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The first records of the word courage come from the 1200s. It comes from the Old French corage, from cuer, meaning “heart” (this ultimately derives from the Latin cor, meaning “heart”)

Take a risk without knowing the outcome. It means showing up and letting yourself be seen, despite the risk. - Brené Brown

Being Whole Hearted

How lucky is the world that you found your way here.
Welcome to the space where anything is possible. - Doris Schachenhofer
Doris is a renowned Transformational Facilitator, Manifestation Guide, Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker.
Doris is a potent facilitator with an awareness of the subtlety of energies and an amazing capacity to follow those energies to create change for people. She is kind and also a force of nature - all at the same time!

Emily Evans Russell, 

Energy | Mindset Coach & CF, Tennesse
Having the support of someone who can see you for who you are, not as the rest of the world has judged you to be, is one of the greatest gifts anyone can give you. Doris is a caring, insightful coach, brilliant business mentor, a guide through a non-linear, magical world of possibilities, and a true friend.

Lauren Marie

Founder, Lauren Marie Global, Marketing & Business Mentor
Doris is an amazing expression of power, potency, true kindness, beauty, contribution, and a fierce friend, facilitator, and creature in the world. She is somebody that I turn to often for facilitation and energetic play... including her in my world has made it so much greater!! 

Heather Nichols, Colorado

Washington & the world, Access Consciousness Facilitator


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