by Doris Schachenhofer

How do I trust my intuition (again)?

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      Hello beautiful you!

      How lucky is the world that you found your way here. 
      Welcome to the space where anything is possible.
      The Space of allowance to relax into you!
      The Space to breath!
      The Space to unhide the true you!
      The Space to become whole!
      Wholehearted - full of you! 
      The Space where you can trust your intuition, your knowing because you know - always! 
      The Space where everything becomes possible and magic exists.

      Thank you for being here right now. You are a gift, if you wanna know it or not and I promise I will not stop telling you.

      How many lies have you bought that you are wrong because you are so different, which “beautiful you” is your greatness.
      That is the gift of you!
      How much have you turned that down?

      How much have you dimmed your light?

      What would it take for all of us to have more of what’s the gift of us?

      How many times have you been made wrong for the gift that would set everything and everyone free?

      You can be more now, You can be more of the gift!

      I want that for all of us!

      We all can be greater!

      Now is the time for your greatness to shine

      Are you allowing your sparkle to come through and lighten up the world?

      Stepping into all of you?
      Bring you forward?

      You are not supposed to be anyone else than you!

      Stop trying to be Perfection?
      The goal is to be whole - whole hearted - with and from all of your heart.

      What if you stopped avoiding the difference of you and began to be the greatness of you?

      The universe has your back in case you have forgotten. It is always there for you, even in the moments where it doesn’t feel like it.

      It’s there, it never left you, it will never leave you.

      You are not alone, you are not lost, your are not wrong, you are strong.
      Now be stronger!

      Will you let the universe in to contribute to you and allow you to have it and be it?

      Being the oneness that is you. Not separated, not diminished, not anything less than you truly are!

      Where can we go, what can we choose, what can be, what spaces can we access, how much more fun can we have, how much more greatness can we be?


      Perceive you as the greatness, know you as the greatness, be you as the greatness, and receive you as the greatness, because that is the truth.

      Let your curiosity and wonder arise to re access what is true for you.
      Allow yourself to know and tap into the depth of your being. The wild ocean you truly are - so beautiful, uncontrollable, undefined and not yet fully discovered. So much to explore.

      Be great - for you!
      For Us!
      The greater you become, the greater we all become!
      It doesn’t take away, it contributes to all.

      Always know and remember that you are a special gift in this world with a beauty that has been unseen so far, that maybe not anyone else can and will see but this doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Know it for yourself and trust.
      Don’t try to fit in and be like others cause you are not. You are different and that is a gift.

      You embody a potency that goes beyond comprehension. Don’t try to figure out why you are here and what your purpose is. Follow the lightness along the way. It will lead you.

      One day you will look back full of gratitude that you allowed yourself to see the gift and beauty of you even when others didn’t.

      Your life is yours
      Your life is yours to choose
      Your life is yours to create

      Now is the space to Unhide the beauty you be, the greatness you be!

      Claim the Space of you!

      And if no one has told you today, you are a gift to this world, your courage is within your heart, trust your intuition to your greatness!

      I love you!


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