by Doris Schachenhofer


mit Doris Schachenhofer

(This Event is only offered in German)

3. December 2022 | Vienna
10am - 5pm

Exclusive Location
1.111,- Euro (excl.)
Limited Tickets available!

Your next Level is waiting for you.

You came here to design a world, to create so much beauty around you.
It’s time to show up confidently as your authentic, true self.
It’s time to live a fully expressed life.
You are here to rise.


I am Doris and I am here
to encourage you to start choosing boldly.
The mind loves to control and predict, your being doesn’t. 
Allow yourself to be guided by your heart and what
you came here to contribute to the world.


You don’t have to do this alone.
Let’s do it together.

We will have deep, powerful conversations:

How can being honest with yourself end up transforming your life?
How can you find joy and magic even in the darkest times?
How can you give yourself permission to explore your true gifts 
and talents when you think you’ve missed your chance?
How can you tap into your full creative power?
How do you break through the noise 
and listen to your truth wholeheartedly?
How can you be unapologetically ambitious and go for what you want?
How can you tap into the peace and happiness that resides in your being?
How can you get your excuses out of the way and change the world?
How can you find the power in who you are?
When you follow what lights you up, 
the possibilities where that can take you are endless.
There’s so much room to be anything you want to be.
 Anything is possible.
There are no rules.
You can design a life that is out of this world.

I feel like the thing
we all want most
is to feel seen.

I see you and I´d love for you to see yourself 
in all your beauty, glory and radiance.

Come join Doris as she shares with you 
how to start calling in more of what you desire.

Together we will celebrate, have powerful conversations 
and enjoy a day surrounded by beauty and high vibes 
to transform to greater.
It’s about creating a connection between you, your body and everything around you 
in such a way that you can start receiving contribution from everything around you and, 
in so doing, realize that you’re a... gift to the world.

Do you know that the way you resonate
with the world is a phenomenal gift?

Let’s go! It’s time!

You won’t believe how good it will feel and the abundance you will create.

It’s okay to just freaking be. 
Let things fall into place. Honour yourself. 
When you take the pressure off, you are your best self.

The Key is to step into the unknown.

You are invited to this 1 Day Crystal Energy Event 
for all the Gutsy Ladies daring to have it all!

Let’s come together at this vibrant location 
in the inner city of Vienna!
What opportunities can arrive when you put 
yourself out there and start making connections?

What is possible for you if you stopped overthinking, 
doubting, judging yourself and getting stuck in the lies of this reality 
and started to lean into the abundance of the universe 
and the adventure that are waiting for you?

You know, always, right away.

Yes, I am a Gutsy Lady!

€ 1.111,- (net)

3. December 2022

1 DAY LIVE Intensive Event 

In an exclusive location in Vienna
1.111,- Euro (excl.)
Alle further information will be send to you after you registered!

Dare to jump and trust - for you!



12 weeks intensive & live event

Gutsy Lady & Abundance NOW!

€ 2.222,- (net)
Doris begleitet mich bereits viele Jahre.
Sie ist einfach eine intuitive Powerfrau, die zu 100% ihr Ding macht.
Durch ihre starke Anbindung öffnet sie hochenergetische Räume und leitet durch tiefe Transformationsprozesse.

Danke für Dein Sein, liebe Doris.

Thomas Leo Selenko

Präsident Institut für Hochsensibilität (IFH), Bestseller-Autor und Potentialentfalter

Doris is a wonderful facilitator. She'll always support you to choose for you and what will light up your life and business, she's powerful, courageous, and doesn't follow the crowd. She's willing to step up, stand out, and support you, she has your back. Welcome to Doris.

Rachael O’Brien, Ireland

Access Consciousness CF, Business Consultant

Doris is a sweet and powerful Lady who elevates you and empowers you to reach what you desire.
She has a kindness and tenacity that allows you to look at what you use to limit you and invites a space of possibilities.

Marie-Sandrine Salvai

France, Life & Business Coach, Yoga Vinyasa Teacher, Model


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