by Doris Schachenhofer

Ready for your TRUE LIFE!

Are you longing for meaning and fulfillment?

Do you have the feeling that you are just swimming on the surface 
and feel the sea of possibilities beneath you, but you are not accessing it at all?

Do you have it all and you are not fulfilled?
Feeling empty? Feeling not good enough?
Come into your alignment, live your truth, 
dive deep and bring your skills, talents and gifts to the surface.
What is your true gift to the world?
Connect with your wisdom, with your knowing, 
with the universe and experience magic.

Experience yourself in your wholeness.

Discover what slumbers deep inside you 
and create the life that you feel deep inside and desire to truly live it.
Beauty - Love - Connectedness
Doris loves to delve into the depths of being 
and to help others to find themselves and their truth. 
She supports people to trust their natural compass, 
to become masters of letting go in order to live in harmony 
and balance and to be in inner peace.
From stress to freedom.

Rediscover who you truly are.

3 Month Program - Optimize your Life from the Inside Out

The 3-month program includes an online consultation. After you are clear about your goals and vision, we meet approx. 9 times for a check-in session, clearing session, energetic transformation session (ETS), depending on what you require for your progress. This accountability is the key to success.
A safe place to feel & heal.
Get in touch with yourself & your body.
In these 3 months we will fine-tune all aspects of your life, your patterns, living habits and thought patterns for YOUR life in abundance.
Doris supports her clients in eliminating limiting views and freeing their nervous system. This program is designed to dive deep into the things that no longer serve you so you can live your wealth on all levels (Wealth of Mind, Heart, Health & Being). You become an expert yourself on how to thrive in your life.
The program includes live zoom sessions based on your goals.
  • Check-ins to stay in alignment.
  • Sessions: Bodywork & Breathwork, Energetic Transformation Sessions (ETS) to relieve stress and create space
  • Clearing Sessions: How do you want to feel?
    What goals do you want to achieve? What beliefs/habits do you need to get rid of?
  • Clarification talk in the middle of the program to follow the process.

6 Month Program - Thrive to Live 

This is the extended Version
of the 3 month Program - Optimize your Life from the Inside Out

12 Month Accountability Program 

The 12 month program allows for those who have completed Doris’s previous programs (3 months or 6 months) to have a monthly 90 min check in to make sure goals are met and adjust any elements while you progress through the year.

Additional 1-2 days private Intensives

(can be added to any program)

These are specifically designed for you based on what you are asking to change and have more of in your life. Intensives are 1-2 days with Doris in person and include verbal facilitation, energetic bodywork and energetic transformation sessions (ETS), creativity & body movement.
Doris invites you to enter a completely different space of presence with yourself, your body and the life you truly would love to live.
€ 2.000,- (excl) per day excl travel, meals, accommodation
The location of the intensive is agreed individually

Change and transformation are part of life - learn to love this process.

Outside your familiar little bubble, an unimagined new expanse awaits you.

Find all your joy & lust for life!




If you have questions about any of the programs, please write to 

Doris begleitet mich bereits viele Jahre.
Sie ist einfach eine intuitive Powerfrau, die zu 100% ihr Ding macht.
Durch ihre starke Anbindung öffnet sie hochenergetische Räume und leitet durch tiefe Transformationsprozesse.

Danke für Dein Sein, liebe Doris.

Thomas Leo Selenko

Präsident Institut für Hochsensibilität (IFH), Bestseller-Autor und Potentialentfalter

Doris is a wonderful facilitator. She'll always support you to choose for you and what will light up your life and business, she's powerful, courageous, and doesn't follow the crowd. She's willing to step up, stand out, and support you, she has your back. Welcome to Doris.

Rachael O’Brien, Ireland

Access Consciousness CF, Business Consultant

Doris is a sweet and powerful Lady who elevates you and empowers you to reach what you desire.
She has a kindness and tenacity that allows you to look at what you use to limit you and invites a space of possibilities.

Marie-Sandrine Salvai

France, Life & Business Coach, Yoga Vinyasa Teacher, Model


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