by Doris Schachenhofer

….is the invitation to truly have you in your life,
being connected with your truth and in communion with your body,
so you can listen to your intuition and have total ease following it
to create the life you truly love.

Step into your deep wisdom and intuition, your knowing and inner guidance.

To be wildly you requires courage & your deep trust to listen to your inner voice.


So, get out of your own way, break free of limitation & create the life you truly love to live.

Free yourself from lies, judgements, blocks and beliefs.
Master what is true for you, no matter what others say.
Unblock yourself from mental, emotional or energy blocks.

Doris has an awareness of the subtlety of energies and an amazing capacity to follow those energies 

to create change for people. 


She is kind and also a force of nature - all at the same time!


She invites you to become confident in who you are and be the fierce lover of life.

… is the place to turn your greatest challenges into your superpowers!
What if you allowed yourself to be so true to yourself?
Living a life full of you!

Let's start...

Eliminating self judgments and unworthiness, fear and doubt and stepping into the creator of magnitude you truly are
Aligning your actions with what is true for you and what makes your heart sing
Learning to truly listen and radically trusting yourself
Eliminating self destructive behaviour and the joy of distraction
Learning to make yourself a priority and loving it
No longer using perfectionism, hustling, proving, and competition as fuel for your life
Learning to relax and release and creating from that space of relaxation so that your life and business thrives from a place of wholeness instead of one of trauma

I am Doris. 

I love diving into the depths of being
and helping others to find their truth.
I help people to trust their natural compass,
to become masters of letting go in order to live
in harmony and balance and to be at peace within.

Come join me on this beautiful ride of life
and exploring what’s truly possible
when you follow your heart & intuition.

It will amaze you how much truly is possible
for you when you begin to make some key, simple shifts.
“This is the place where everything becomes possible...
You're about to open a door to where your life becomes magical, 
filled with miracles & inner freedom"

What does this membership include?

A space to just be

Monthly Guided 
Breathwork Journeys
Monthly Light Session 
Live Q&A Sessions
(incl. Audiorecording)
Surprise Sessions
Community to connect, 
share and grow
Vulnerability is required for starting anything new 
because you are headed to a place that you haven’t been before.
a life of absolute magic
This space is for the Courageous that are ready to step into their full WILD to remember 
who you are at the depth of your being. 
So many of us have been conditioned to live our lives driven by logic
and to avoid the unknown as much as we can.
We’ve been led to believe that avoiding risks is responsible and that being fearful
is a realist’s approach to life because “you never know what might happen”.
This way of thinking keeps us small, stuck and disconnected from our power in every area of life. 
It keeps us clinging to our comfort zone and year by year
becoming more and more uptight, controlling and heady.
Wanna know the truth? 

Living in your head isn’t serving you.

Developing a deep relationship with your own inner guidance while receiving mentoring
and deep support from someone who you can relate to is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself -
and can really fast-track your inner and outer success to a whole new level.



I created WILDLY YOU to gather together an intimate group of heart-centered intuitive people
who sincerely desire to heal this year and want to do it in a way that feels natural,
authentic, gentle and full power all at the same time.

Transformation can only come
when you give yourself fully, with full devotion.

“Let your heart be your compass through the winding roads and twists and turns of life. Whenever you come to a new crossroads, quiet down the outer world to listen to what your heart is saying. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right. If your heart is saying not to do something, that is a reason not to do it. If something seems impossible but your heart says to go gor it, go for it. You may not always know what your heart is pointing you towards, but its s always guiding you in the right direction.”
“Be bold enough to listen to your heart, and more so to follow it. Your heart has always known exactly who you are, what you are made of, and what you are made for. Your heart has always known that you are meant for a life of so much joy and love. Your heart knows you are meant for a life of living free.”
Egal ob online oder live, Doris schafft es mit ihrer authentischen Art und einem unglaublichen Gespür durch tiefe Prozesse zu führen. Schon nach dem ersten Kurs bei Doris konnte ich so viel mehr Leichtigkeit und Freude in meinem Leben erfahren. Sowohl im privaten als auch im beruflichen Bereich gab es viele Veränderungen, die ich mir schon länger wünschte. 

Ich bin dankbar für die Begleitung 
von Doris in den letzten Jahren und 
für alles, was dadurch möglich 
wurde und noch wird!
Larisa Podobri
Pädagogin, Unternehmerin und Buchautorin
  • A space to just be

  • Live Q&A Sessions (incl. Audiorecording)

  • Guided Breathwork Journeys

  • Monthly Light Session Meditation

  • Surprise Sessions

  • New videos with content changing your life

  • Community to connect, share and grow

Doris begleitet mich bereits viele Jahre.
Sie ist einfach eine intuitive Powerfrau, die zu 100% ihr Ding macht.
Durch ihre starke Anbindung öffnet sie hochenergetische Räume und leitet durch tiefe Transformationsprozesse.

Danke für Dein Sein, liebe Doris.

Thomas Leo Selenko

Präsident Institut für Hochsensibilität (IFH), Bestseller-Autor und Potentialentfalter

Doris is a wonderful facilitator. She'll always support you to choose for you and what will light up your life and business, she's powerful, courageous, and doesn't follow the crowd. She's willing to step up, stand out, and support you, she has your back. Welcome to Doris.

Rachael O’Brien, Ireland

Business Consultant

Doris is a sweet and powerful Lady who elevates you and empowers you to reach what you desire.
She has a kindness and tenacity that allows you to look at what you use to limit you and invites a space of possibilities.

Marie-Sandrine Salvai

France, Life & Business Coach, Yoga Vinyasa Teacher, Model


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