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Doris Schachenhofer is a facilitator and space of possibilities that opens the space for other people to change the culture of doing to inspire a new way of living from one of stress, self judgement, suffering and not feeling enough to one of freedom, joy, relaxation & being with ease.

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Doris is a wonderful facilitator. She'll always support you to choose for you and what will light up your life and business, she's powerful, courageous, and doesn't follow the crowd. She's willing to step up, stand out, and support you, she has your back. Welcome to Doris.

Rachael O’Brien, Ireland

Access Consciousness CF, Business Consultant

Doris begleitet mich bereits viele Jahre.
Sie ist einfach eine intuitive Powerfrau, die zu 100% ihr Ding macht.
Durch ihre starke Anbindung öffnet sie hochenergetische Räume und leitet durch tiefe Transformationsprozesse.

Danke für Dein Sein, liebe Doris.

Thomas Leo Selenko

Präsident Institut für Hochsensibilität (IFH), Bestseller-Autor und Potentialentfalter

Doris is a sweet and powerful Lady who elevates you and empowers you to reach what you desire.
She has a kindness and tenacity that allows you to look at what you use to limit you and invites a space of possibilities.

Marie-Sandrine Salvai

France, Life & Business Coach, Yoga Vinyasa Teacher, Model


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